Website review

Improving your website on a budget

Do you want to improve your website with an affordable review?

Sometimes you’re so close to your website you aren’t sure what it needs.

That’s why you need a website review, to find out what needs improving and removing.

With a website review, I focus on copywriting, messaging, and proofreading, as well as layout and design.

It’s a great place to start to create a user-friendly website.


What’s included

  • Engaging copy: I’ll ensure your website’s copy captivates your audience and effectively delivers your message
  • Flawless proofreading: I’ll eliminate typos and errors to present a professional image that reflects your brand’s credibility
  • Design and layout evaluation: I’ll provide valuable suggestions to enhance your site’s user experience
  • A copy deck in Microsoft Word with all the above


An affordable investment

With a 5-page website review at only $497, you can kickstart your journey towards a website that stands out and delivers results.


Turnaround time

You’ll receive your review in five business days.

Home page review

Would you like a copywriter to review your home page and identify how you can improve it?

Would you like a list of things to work on to improve your home page yourself, so you can start getting more business?

I’ll reveal the secrets to improving your home page, outlining actions you can take.

You’ll receive a written action plan of the things you need to work on, with reasons for my recommendations.

Book now and I’ll reply within 24 hours with a request for information. 

Susan, you are a gem! Thank you so much for your suggestions for improving my website. I’ll definitely implement them.

Marie Yau

Photographer, Marie Yau Photography

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