Do you need a resume and cover letter that grab an employer’s attention?

Do you need to answer key selection criteria but not sure how?

Do you need a professional profile to approach prospective clients?

You need me.

I’m an experienced resume writer. I help you improve your chances of getting an interview by marketing you as the best possible candidate, and showcasing your expertise and value to employers.

You will receive a resume that is

  • eye-catching
  • targeted to the role you’re applying for
  • keyword optimised for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • highlighting your expertise and achievements
  • communicating your value.

A resume is a valuable marketing document when designed with purpose and professional knowledge.


Working in the job of your dreams.

Feeling fulfilled by the work you do.

Earning the income that you deserve.

It’s ALL possible with a strategic resume.


I was just like you.

Constantly sending application after application and hearing nothing.

It’s painful being rejected time and time again. And it’s frustrating.


Your overwhelm and unhappiness leads you to thinking there’s something wrong with you. Why can’t you get an interview?

You find yourself lying awake in bed at night, stressed and not sure what to do. You begin losing confidence in yourself and your abilities. Wondering how other people make it look so easy.

And worst of all, your belief you can get the job of your dreams starts fading away and you begin to wonder if it’s even possible.


I get it; I’ve been there, too.


But what I learned is that you need a resume that sells you. If you’re thinking ‘Huh?’ or ‘But it is!’ think about this.


A resume is a marketing document. It needs to:

  • outline what you can do for a company,
  • sell you with keywords, achievements, skills and experience, and
  • persuade the reader to call you for an interview.


When I realised how to write an effective resume, I started getting interviews.


I truly believe we all deserve to work in our dream job. And you can achieve that with a strategic resume and cover letter.


Introducing the Relaunch Your Job Search package

This includes:

  • An engaging, easy to read resume that highlights your value, and
  • A concise, convincing cover letter that hooks an employer’s interest to interview you.



What people are saying

I was fortunate to find Susan through a friend’s network. I found Susan to be very friendly and insightful with re-writing my resume and cover letter. Susan’s writing style was very complementary to my professional history as she took the time to understand my skills and achievements that would best suit the positions I will be applying for.

My new resume and cover letter is such a vast improvement, and that is why if anyone is seeking assistance with their resume or cover letter, I would not hesitate in recommending Susan.

Matthew C-B.


I cannot thank you enough – the cover letter and resume are beyond expectation – brilliant.

Angie V.


Susan re-wrote my resume and I was so impressed! I hadn’t given her much information to start with but she managed to create a new resume that looks great and makes me sound great! Thanks Susan, you’re a legend!

Brett M.


I was impressed with the efficiency and precision of my resume, updated by Words By Susan. Susan is a perfectionist that has created a resume that will open new opportunities for me in the future, more so than had I composed it myself. I would thoroughly recommend her work to anyone either looking for work or seeking to advance their career.

Jamie H.


A very BIG thanks for what you have done. I will genuinely recommend you to anyone else who needs their CV updated.

Rob L.


 So are you ready to be my next success story?

Q & A


Why should I use a resume writer?

As a resume writer with 15+ years’ experience, I know what employers want in a resume.

You need a strategically written resume that highlights your value, strengths, and achievements. This will improve your chances of getting an interview.


What do I get?

You receive a resume that highlights how you can add value to an employer, plus a cover letter outlining why you’re the best person for the job and company.


How much is it?

Your investment is $297 for paying in full or $347 for paying in installments over 2 weeks.


Can you guarantee I’ll get an interview?

I can’t guarantee you’ll get an interview; no one can.

But what I CAN guarantee is that you’ll have a resume that markets you as the best candidate and gives you a stronger chance of an interview.


By the way

You need to be ready to apply for a job when the economy turns, and it will. There are already jobs out there. If you’re not ready, you’ll be left behind. You have to stand out and you have to be ready.


I’m Susan Smyth, a Perth based copywriter.

I write clear, concise, customer-friendly copy for businesses Australia-wide. I also improve your website’s usability and increase your online visibility.

Need help? Get in touch.