Editing and proofreading

Excellent editing and perfect proofreading to polish your words

Why editing and proofreading are so important

Have you ever published an important document only to realise it had spelling errors, missing words or incorrect information?

It’s not only embarrassing and costly, it makes your business look unprofessional.

Lucky for you, I have a natural ability to notice proofreading and editing errors. With 20+ years’ experience, my eagle eyes can spot a spelling error at 50 paces, and I’m ruthless with my red pen, polishing your content till it shines.

As a result, you have peace of mind knowing your work is error-free and professional.

What is editing?

Editing improves the structure, style, message, grammar and punctuation of your copy.

It provides value by identifying and correcting any errors, therefore enhancing your content.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is the final stage where copy is checked before it’s published.

It’s the process of correcting errors such as grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and typos.

Spelling mistakes create a negative impression and discourage customers from buying from you.

It provides value by giving your business a professional and positive first impression.

Susan makes sure that my writing is free of errors before it goes out to clients. From blog posts to web copy, she’s accurate, efficient and ensures a fast turnaround time which makes it easy to use her services. I’d highly recommend Susan if you need to be sure that you’re sending out letter perfect work.

Sandy Taylor

SEO Copywriter, Sandy Taylor Digital Marketing

I recently asked Susan to proofread some website copy I’d looked at too many times to confidently proofread myself. And thank goodness – because she caught a few things that I’d overlooked – NOT a good look for a copywriter! Susan worked quickly but thoroughly on a super-fast turnaround and I was super grateful knowing I could send my client her copy without fear of typos.

Thanks so much Susan!

Lisa Cropman

Copywriter, The Word Nest

I engaged Susan to proofread and edit a number of articles for me. She was quick to action them and picked up even the smallest of errors. She also performed her own research to ensure that places named in the articles were referred to by their proper names, and ensured that all spelling of these were correct.

Knowing her expert eyes were looking at my copy meant I was confident my work was error-free, and enabled me to plough through lots of work and still meet my deadlines. Susan was friendly and easy to work with, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a proofreader or editor.

Nerissa Bentley

Copywriter, Melbourne Health Writer

A big thank you to Susan Smyth for proofing a big website job.

Such a peace of mind knowing that it’s gone to the client and all my extra commas and apostrophes in the wrong place have been dealt with.

Estelle Fallon

Copywriter, Words That Fit

Do you need an editor or proofreader?