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Thanks for your help with my CV. It obviously paid off!

Amber H.

Susan helped me with my resume and cover letter for contracting jobs in the government space, which is new to me.

From the first contact throughout the process and delivery, Susan was easy to communicate with, and her processes were clearly explained to me.

She was helpful during resume revisions, clarifying my questions and giving me suggestions when I had doubts. I loved the cover letter she wrote.

Susan’s delivery was on time, and the follow-up and thank-you emails [templates] were a nice surprise. I highly recommend Susan to those who need professional help with resumes and cover letters to increase their chances of landing a job.

Anna M.

Working with Susan was easy and smooth from beginning to end. She explained the part of a resume and cover letter that were important and why and showed me the best way to write about myself – which is always the hardest thing to do!

I was given a clear and concise resume at the end of the process, and I have no doubt it will stand out when it comes across the desk of a hiring manager.

I would highly recommend Susan to anyone looking to have their resume re-written or written for the first time.

Samantha E.

I was impressed by Susan’s efficiency and communication. My resume looks fantastic and paints my work history in the best light possible. I was also impressed by the inclusion of follow up and thank you letter files.

Erin R.

Thanks for your help with Kim’s resume. I think he was a bit reluctant to get advice, so it was great that you were able to give him such sensible and practical ideas to implement. He ended up getting interviews for two roles and was offered what seems to be the perfect job. So thank you very much!

Catherine H.

Susan was extremely professional and knowledgeable. From the beginning of my work with her, I knew I was in good hands. She takes an enormous amount of pride in producing a quality product and really takes the time to know her clients and present them in the best possible light. I’d recommend her writing services to anyone needing a professional, comprehensive resume.

Marilyn S.

Thanks Susan. I really appreciate the quick turnaround and quality of the writing.

James W.

Susan is an excellent resume writer who is a pleasure to work with. She took the time to really understand my experience and skills. The resume she wrote for me is perfectly tailored to the type of work I’m looking for. I highly recommend Susan.

Tania T.

Susan has made the process of my cover letter and resume extremely easy because of her ability to communicate effectively, prompt time management and dependable delivery of promises. She is a lovely woman who is intelligent and displays great discretion.

Tamara K.

As a newbie copywriter, I was working totally off my existing contacts from a previous career, which was fine for the moment. I knew I should be marketing myself at the same time though, to futureproof my work – and I was overwhelmed and unfocused. There was too much to do, and I felt so time-poor.

Susan helped to simplify this with a wealth of information at her fingertips to send on to me. Now the thing is, I had access to this information myself. But I was still drowning a little, having difficulty relating to it, and seeing what I actually needed, in a case of “too much information”.  Susan provided the human element, as though she had literally extended a ‘helping hand’ to me. She knew my situation, so the information was filtered and presented to be just what I needed. Plus, it came with her own recommendations, notes, tools and links, and prices of various resources. It was just SO helpful.

This helped me to get some focus. I have been taking baby steps, as time allows, and she has been there – helping on the spot, looking things up for me, giving the right timely advice just when I was about to head off down an unnecessary or expensive path. I have come to see it’s all about mindset, and when working entirely alone, you can get stuck in a hindering mindset. That’s when you can very well do with a good coach to sort you out!

Susan is personable, professional, knowledgeable and present. I have no hesitation in recommending her to other freelancers who need help, whether they are floundering or doing fine but needing to step up in the processes.

Kerry Lander

Business Owner | Copywriter

I used Susan’s resume writing services and so has my sister-in-law. We both got interviews.

Kristy W.

I engaged Susan Smyth to help me update my resume. It was such a great help. Not only did Susan improve my resume to emphasise my key strengths, she also highlighted the need to better communicate my key achievements. Susan provided a quick turnaround and efficient service.

Justine M.

It was certainly a strange feeling to go back into that job seeking space again after so long and your wisdom made it much easier.

Jo K.

Working with Susan was great. She was very easy to work with, friendly, and professional. She was able to guide me through the process of gathering the information she needed, which resulted in a quick turn-around and the outcome delivered first time.

John Forbes

Psychologist, Delta Psychology

Susan worked wonders with my dull resume and turned it into a sparkling document that I can’t wait to use. Her feedback was helpful and fast, and she managed to get to the essence of what I actually did very quickly. 10 out of 10.

Lucie R.

Susan Smyth is a powerhouse!

She’s just helped one of my school mum friends [Natasha B.] nab a dream job (and she was shortlisted for two others) based on Susan’s resume expertise and cover letter prowess!

Estelle F.

You have done one marvellous job making me look great. The cover letter you’ve written is fantastic. What an amazing talent you have.

Natasha B.

I engaged Susan to assist me with re-writing my resume. She provided a prompt and well researched service to a professional standard. I wouldn’t hesitate to engage her services in the future!

Stefan N.

Five stars! I had my resume created by Susan. Excellent communication, very thorough, and very impressed with the layout.

Luke I.

Susan, you are a gem! Thank you so much for your suggestions for improving my website. I’ll definitely implement them.

Marie Yau

Photographer, Marie Yau Photography

Susan was super helpful and responsive. She turned round a Sales Page copyedit within 24 hours. She showed excellent attention to detail and made intelligent suggestions during the edit. So grateful to have connected with Susan. Look forward to working together again soon. Thank you again.

Jen McGinlay

Copywriter, Jen McGinlay Media

Susan was a pleasure to work with. She is highly professional and exceeded my expectations with the work she delivered. She took the time to listen to the problems I was experiencing with a project, in a very short time she delivered excellent copy. I highly recommend working with her.

Rudo Makuyana

Podiatrist, The Foot Hub

I was fortunate to find Susan through a friend’s network. I found Susan to be friendly and insightful with re-writing my resume and cover letter. Susan’s writing style was very complementary to my professional history as she took the time to understand my skills and achievements that would best suit the positions I will be applying for.

My new resume and cover letter are such a vast improvement, and that is why if anyone is seeking assistance with their resume or cover letter, I would not hesitate in recommending Susan.

Matthew C-B.

I cannot thank you enough – the cover letter and resume are beyond expectation – brilliant.

Angie V.

Susan re-wrote my resume and I was so impressed! I hadn’t given her much information to start with but she managed to create a new resume that looks great and makes me sound great! Thanks Susan, you’re a legend!

Brett M.

I was impressed with the efficiency and precision of my resume, updated by Words By Susan. Susan is a perfectionist that has created a resume that will open new opportunities for me in the future, more so than had I composed it myself. I would thoroughly recommend her work to anyone either looking for work or seeking to advance their career.

Jamie H.

A very BIG thanks for what you have done. I will genuinely recommend you to anyone else who needs their CV updated.

Rob L.

Susan makes sure that my writing is free of errors before it goes out to clients. From blog posts to web copy, she’s accurate, efficient and ensures a fast turnaround time which makes it easy to use her services. I’d highly recommend Susan if you need to be sure that you’re sending out letter perfect work.

Sandy Taylor

SEO Copywriter, Sandy Taylor Digital Marketing

I recently asked Susan to proofread some website copy I’d looked at too many times to confidently proofread myself. And thank goodness – because she caught a few things that I’d overlooked – NOT a good look for a copywriter! Susan worked quickly but thoroughly on a super-fast turnaround and I was super grateful knowing I could send my client her copy without fear of typos.

Thanks so much Susan!

Lisa Cropman

Copywriter, The Word Nest

I engaged Susan to do some sub-contracting work for me in the form of research for long-form blog articles. Being one of my first sub-contracting experiences I was a little nervous, but as it turns out I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Susan turned around some great research for me with lightning fast speed. She made my life so much easier with lots of looming deadlines and I won’t hesitate to use Susan again for research, proofreading and copywriting.

Cath Fowler

Copywriter, The Digital Laneway

I engaged Susan to proofread and edit a number of articles for me. She was quick to action them and picked up even the smallest of errors. She also performed her own research to ensure that places named in the articles were referred to by their proper names, and ensured that all spelling of these were correct.

Knowing her expert eyes were looking at my copy meant I was confident my work was error-free, and enabled me to plough through lots of work and still meet my deadlines. Susan was friendly and easy to work with, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a proofreader or editor.

Nerissa Bentley

Copywriter, Melbourne Health Writer

A big thank you to Susan Smyth for proofing a big website job.

Such a peace of mind knowing that it’s gone to the client and all my extra commas and apostrophes in the wrong place have been dealt with.

Estelle Fallon

Copywriter, Words That Fit

Susan did some proofreading work for me at very short notice. She turned around the work, a law-related white paper, well before the deadline, did a solid job and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Libby Hakim

Copywriter, Libby Hakim

I have used Susan’s proofreading and editing service for our church bulletin for several years. If it were not for her eagle-eyed attention to detail, the bulletin wouldn’t have looked as professional as it did. She is incredibly meticulous, reliable, and efficient.

I would not hesitate in highly recommending Susan for any editing or proofreading work you need done. She has been my secret weapon!

Michelle Broom

Office Administrator, St John's Lutheran Church

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