Key selection criteria

Persuade interviewers you’re the best fit

Have you tried writing key selection criteria responses and felt like you’re hitting a brick wall?

It’s tough, right?

Making your skills and experiences shine through on paper is a challenge.

Your job applications just don’t seem to do justice to what you bring to the table.

And what’s the result?

You’re missing out on amazing job opportunities. The interviews aren’t flowing in, and it’s damn frustrating.

In today’s competitive job market, not being able to showcase your awesomeness in key selection criteria responses can hold you back.

I’m your secret weapon for standing out and winning those dream jobs.

As a professional resume writer, I know how to turn your skills and experiences into selection criteria responses that make employers sit up and take notice.


How it works


We’ll book a 60 minute interview on Zoom. You’ll receive an invoice which is to be paid before the interview. I’ll email you the questions we’ll discuss, so you can prepare for the interview.


I’ll use my expertise to craft responses that declare, “I’m the perfect fit for this job!” Your answers will align with the job’s requirements, spotlighting how your background seamlessly matches the role.


With professionally crafted responses, your applications will impress the selection criteria panel. You’ll boost your chances of getting interviews.


You have one (1) round of revisions to make any changes.


After the final amends are made, I’ll email your document in Word format.


I’ll email you a signoff document to close the project and ask for feedback. 

Need help with your key selection criteria?

Your investment

Writing responses to selection criteria can be quite a complex and time-consuming task.

That’s why many job seekers opt to get help from professional resume writers.

It’s a smart strategy that will supercharge your job search, and you can use it again when you apply for future roles.

Your investment is $100 per criterion, payable upon booking.