Want engaging, value-packed and persuasive content that drives readers to take action?


Are you struggling to write your website or resume?

I’m experienced in writing marketing content and resumes.

I provide website reviews and resume reviews.

And I’m also a proofreader and editor.

What do you get when you work with me?

You get a copywriter who has:

15 years of experience writing resumes and cover letters.

Trained in SEO best practices with The Recipe for SEO Success.

Studied copywriting with Australian Writers’ Centre and The Clever Copywriting School.

Completed Sales Page Copywriting training.

A natural talent for proofreading.

My values



I let you know up front what you need to know so there’s no hidden surprises.



I check in with you, keep you up to date with progress and next steps.


I’m highly organised and process driven. I manage tasks efficiently and provide a structured and reliable experience.


I ensure I meet and exceed your copywriting and resume writing needs.

Results focused writer for businesses and job seekers

My path to copywriting has had a few twists and turns along the way.

I started my career as an administration assistant which included writing, editing and proofreading for 15+ years. It taught me to be process driven, well organised, adaptable, and efficient.

Years later, I started writing resumes for a living because when I was job hunting, I was getting interviews but not the jobs. Clearly, it was the writing part I was good at, so I decided to help job seekers by writing their resumes. This led me to several courses with Australian Writers Centre and I loved learning about the different types of writing.

Once I learned about copywriting, all the pieces of my career history fell into place. Copywriting interested me because it helps people get a result e.g. a job interview; a customer buying your product or service. I’ve always been interested in marketing and psychology, and copywriting combines these. As a result, this is how Words By Susan was born.

There’s nothing better than a happy client who’s grateful for your help and getting positive results.

Want to be that happy client?

Here’s how I can help you:

SEO website copywriting

Persuade your readers to take action with SEO website copy.

Website review

Improve your website and get more customers with a website review.

Editing and proofreading

Avoid the “Oh crap!” and get your words edited and proofread before they’re published.

Resumes and cover letters

Impress an employer with a powerful resume that emphasises your value, expertise, and achievements.

Resume review

Improve your resume with my professional advice for you to implement.

LinkedIn profiles

Elevate your career with a LinkedIn profile that showcases your value and expands your network.

Key selection criteria

Tailor responses to each criteria to  powerfully demonstrate why you’re the best candidate.

Who I am

I’m Susan Smyth (pronounced sm-eye-th). I’m a Perth copywriter and work with clients Australia-wide.

I’m a friendly, easy to work with copywriter who makes your life easier as I’m meticulous, reliable and efficient.

I’m highly organised and will calmly swoop in, take control, and get the project delivered.

Want more peace of mind? Check out the love clients give me on my Testimonials page.

Want to know more?

  • Moved to Western Australia from Victoria for love in 2015
  • Quirky sense of humour (love a good pun)
  • Diverse music lover – from soothing (Haevn) to rock (Foo Fighters)
  • Often engrossed in a book
  • Love animals (my neighbour’s cats visit for food and cuddles)
  • Known as the English brain in my family and constantly asked to edit and proofread their work
  • And I can’t start the day without coffee.


I’m ready when you are.


Your new marketing content is right around the corner.