Website copywriting

Writing copy for your own business is frustrating.

You would think you’re the best person to do it; after all, you speak to your customers every day and you’ve been in your industry for years.

So why is writing about your own business so damn hard?

Think about this – your customers don’t need all the information you have in your head. They just need the right information.

I will help you:

  • Learn what your customers want
  • Extract the right information from you
  • Present it in a way that your customers want to read it

Website copywriting not only persuades your readers to take action but also improves your Google rankings via search engine optimisation – SEO. SEO is essential for your business to be found on Google.

As a result, you’ll get higher page rankings, more traffic and more conversions.

Small Business Website Copy Packages


I’m Susan Smyth, a Perth based copywriter.

I write clear, concise, customer-friendly copy for businesses Australia-wide. I also improve your website’s usability and increase your online visibility.

Need help? Get in touch.