Website reviews

Do you want to improve your website with an affordable review?

Sometimes you’re so close to your website you aren’t sure what it needs.

That’s why you need a website review, to find out what needs improving, removing, and finessing.

With a website review, I focus on copywriting, messaging, and proofreading, as well as layout and design.

It’s a great place to start for a better optimised and successful website.

I will:

  • Review your copy to make sure it engages your audience
  • Proofread to ensure no typos, misspellings, or other errors
  • Review your site’s design and layout.


You will receive:

  • A copy deck of your amended copy that’s proofread and with design and layout suggestions.


Your investment:

Your investment for a 5 page website review is $297.

Susan, you are a gem! Thank you so much for your suggestions for improving my website. I will definitely implement them.

Marie Yau

Photographer, Marie Yau Photography